Locally produced food

Potato dumplings (Kroppkakor), canola oil and organic meat. In Kalmar, there are many opportunities to shop for locally produced products.


The tomato plantation is located in Ölvingstorp, Ljungbyholm.

Johanna's chocolate

See how Belgian chocolate is processed into pralines and much more. The flavors are both classic and innovative with great influence from the seasons and Swedish Holidays; there are always new flavors to try.

Johans kitchen

Johans kitchen makes potato dumplings, meatballs, beef patties and much more. The products are available in grocery shops around the country. The company can also supply everything you need for your party or company event through their catering and buffet concept.

Lenas gårdsbutik

Farm shop 15 minutes north of Kalmar. Seasonal vegetables and root vegetables, potatoes, eggs, candles, hay, and homemade cordial and jam, etc.

Rössbo Övra Gårdsmejeri

Dairy farm between Nybro and Kristvallabrunn, approx. 35 kilometres from Kalmar. Cheese production from cow and sheep’s milk, all artisan-made. The cheese can be purchased either directly from the farm shop or from one of the dairy’s distributors.


Buy strawberries, berries, vegetables and potatoes. Kolbodagatan 4, Hagby. Tel. +46 (0)705-13 70 41

Solmarka gård

Solmarka farm south of Kalmar has been run as an organic farm since 1976. Solmarka represents diversity and quality. The farm grows a large number of vegetables, cereals and forage for their own animals.  In addition to the dairy cows there are also laying hens that not only lay fantastic eggs but also enrich life on the farm.

Solmarka gårdsbageri

Solmarka farm bakery makes bread from scratch. All cereals are milled in a stone mill. Along with different types of sourdough, they will come out of the oven in the form of aromatic breads – all with their own distinct character. In addition to bread, the bakery is always baking new batches of their much-appreciated Delikatessknäckebröd crispbread and Delikatesskorpor rusks!


An assortment of sausages and meat from their own pigs is offered at the farm shop. Crispbread, chutney, jam, rape oil, spices and delicious ice cream can also be purchased here. In summer you can come along on a pig safari on the farm.

Västerslät Gårdsbutik

Farm shop and café located about 10 km north of the city center, between Kläckeberga and Lindsdal. The focus is on meat, cured meats and provisions, but there is also other local produce for sale.

Wirbladhs Gårdshandel

Wirbladhs is located in Smedby, about 8 km to the west of Kalmar city, and has a wide range of private and locally grown products. The farm shop offers meat products from their farm animals. During summer, they also offer strawberries, sweet corn, dried flowers and vegetables.

Ängöl Brewery

Ängöl produces several types of beer. Some restaurants in the Kalmar region serve Ängöl but you can also purchase it at Systembolaget (Swedish Alcohol Retailing Monopoly).